I am Patel Ramesh Reddy. Destiny designed my birth to take place on May 31, 1970 at a historically significant village known as Balemla in Suryapet mandal of Nalgonda district in Andhra Pradesh.

My father, Patel Somi Reddy, was a doctor by profession but had passion for agriculture. My mother, Lalitha, engaged herself providing for all of us what we needed.

My elder brother, Patel Sridhar Reddy, graduated in Engineering and now works in USA but has his roots firmly spreading in India and frequently visits India to ensure his SPREAD INDIA activities go on effectively, smoothly, and productively.
I married Lavanya on Feb 18, 1999 and we were blessed with a pair of girls named, Meghana (12 years old), and Siri (3 years old).

My Childhood

Unlike many other children, I was witness to various political, social, and revolutionary movements even as a young child. Our village, the largest in Suryapet mandal, was the center of various socio-political activities. My grandparents, uncles, cousins, and villagers played active roles in Telangana Armed Struggle and in the movement against Rajakars. My family members participated in many developmental activities. The heroic deeds, the selfless sacrifices of my grandparents, uncles, and neighbors left a deep impression on my tender mind and those seeds have now grown into gigantic trees that sweep into social, service and political area with energy and enthusiasm. An incident that took place in Balemla during Razakars movement finds an artistic and poetic expression in Vajrayudham, a poetic rendering in Telugu by Avantsa Somasundaram.

Our basic occupation, agriculture provided me with ample experience and knowledge in farm sector – the backbone to Indian economy.

My Education

As a student I was always in first division. My parents, my teachers, and my brother played a key role in my achievements. I actively participated in sports, and games. I involved myself in many student activities and most of the time I played a leader’s role. After completion of my school education in 1985, I studied Intermediate from 1985 to 1987. I completed my Engineering in 1992 from Osmania University. Then several job opportunities knocked on my door but I had other ideas on my future career. Chances to go to USA also failed to change my ideas.

Early Political Career

My genes, my childhood impressions together with my nature worked together to draw out a political career for me. With service oriented mind, I firmly decided that leading public towards growth is my only area of activity. With a strong urge to reform and transform rural India I launched myself into political arena. With support from all the near and dear particularly my elder brother, Patel Sridhar Reddy – I became the sarpanch of our village with thumping majority.

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