Basic needs for a developing country

. Achieve 100% literacy
. 24 hours water and safe drinking water supply
. 24 hours electricity supply
. 100% free Healthcare
. Proper sanitation
. Employment to everybody
. Improve transportation
. Basic facilities in schools
. Vocational training
. Eradicate corruption


. Each child should able to read and write
. No child should left behind
. Achieve 100 % literacy


. Free education from kinder garden to graduation
. Free transportation to all the school kids who are living far away (1 Km away)
. Basic facilities like dual desk benches, enough classrooms, lights, fans, science lab equipment, science lab, sports equipment, play ground, drinking water facility, urinals facility, library, computers, internet, enough teachers in every school
. Study centers to help the students in their home work after the school hours in each school
. Achieve 100 % pass result in X th grade in every school
. Train kids to grow with the moral values
. Vocational training in different specialties


. 24 hour water supply to each house including the villages
. 24 hour safe drinking water supply to each house including villages
. Enough water supply to each village for agriculture


. Proper sanitation in each village
. Underground drainage in each town and city


. 24 hour quality electricity supply to each house hold, agriculture, and businesses


. At least 4 lane highways, and wider roads across the country
. CC Roads in every village
. Implement good driving rules


. Healthcare facility in each village
. Hospitals with all specialty doctors and all the required equipment


. Health center with necessary medical staff and equipment in each village
. Bank in each village
. Small parks and playgrounds in each village
. Library in each village
. Computer and internet connection in each village


. Mini stadium, auditorium, a big library with a lot of books for elementary to college students, computers, internet and tutoring facility for kids in each town


. Intermediate and degree colleges in every mandal headquarters
. At least one small scale industry in every mandal


. Everybody should able to get a job
. Every labor should get minimum wages
. Everybody should able to live on their own feet


. 24 hour water and electricity supply to agriculture
. Produce high yield with less effort


. Grow plants and trees


. Provide security to all the women 24/7
. Eradicate dowry system


. Eradicate corruption


. Eradiate early marriages and untouchability 100%
. Retirement plan to everybody regardless of where they work
. Tourism development across the country
. Stop cheap liquor making, selling and drinking
. Implement good driving rules
. Each and everybody should live respectfully regardless of the cast, religion, and financial status

There are many more that we need to work on in order to see India as a developed country

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