Political Experience

. Elected as the village Sarpanch of Balemla, Suryapet Mandal, Nalgonda district in 1995
. Elected as M.P.T.C of Balemla, Suryapet Mandal, Nalgonda district in 2001
. My wife, Patel Lavanya, got elected as Z.P.T.C of Suryapet Rural Mundal Nalgonda district in 2006

Party Positions Undertaken

. Elected unitedly as the President of Suryapet Rural mandal party from 2001 - 2012
. Elected as Suryapet Constituency In Charge on Dec 31, 2012

Activities of the Party

. On the instructions given by Telugu Desam State party, we agitated against the problems of Suryapet people
. Balemla village, with the population of 6000, is standing as the biggest village in the constituency of Suryapet mandal. In every election Telugu Desam party is winning with a lot of majority in Balemla village. Balemla village is proving to be a strong place in Suryapet constituency for Telugu Desam Party
. We agitated against the rising prices of necessary goods to a greater extent in the Mandal
. We also participated in the strike for the implementation of free current
. With the help of people of the village, we conducted agitations against the corrupt Government and Indiramma villages
. We traveled on foot from Kodada to Hyderabad to transform the dangerous road, NH-9 which takes away the lives of thousands of people every day, into a six-lane road
. We conduct agitations against the problems faced by the local people daily
. Attending to the call of Chandra Babu Naidu,, 1 distributed 1,200 bed sheets with the cast of around Rs. 1,20,000 from my own expenses to the poor students of government, hostels in Suryapet constituency
. I have donated Rs. 40,000 to NTR trust school

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